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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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FAQ 常见问题

Atom 3 latest firmware as of 2023.02.17:

Note that for Xiaomi 13, iPad Air (5th generation), or iPad devices that do not recognize Atom 3, you need to flash the special firmware, and the sampling rate only supports up to 192kHz. (This is because the Type-C port of these devices does not support high-bit-rate output). The ROM with "PAD" in its name is the one you need.

The ROM with "BassBoost" in its name is the low-frequency enhanced version.

Download link:


Audirect Beam 3Plus latest firmware:
update note:
1. Solved the problem of beam 3plus cable connecting to the microphone;
2. The transmission bandwidth is wider and the sound quality is improved;
3. Sound quality improvement: the current low gain is equivalent to the medium gain of the previous version;

Download link:

​Audirect firmware latest firmwre upgrade tool:

The latest version audirect firmware tools:

Be careful to select the correct firmware for the upgrade, otherwise there is a risk of becoming a brick.

The latest version audirect atom minifirmware:

update content:

1. Turn on the game console mode;

2. The background is quieter;
3. Please choose the correct firmware for the upgrade, otherwise there is a risk of becoming a brick.

New Beam 3 Plus firmware:

20220302_9209_Beam 3plus_AC_4p_AC_THD.rom
--1.fix tidal for android click sound bug;
  2.Reduces popo noise when switching DSD tracks;
  3.The background is darker and quieter;
  4.Improve dynamic range;
* This version is commonly used in ASIO and WASAPI. When using WASAPI, please delete the ASIO driver, otherwise it will not work normally;


1. Beam 2 is supported by WASAPI without ASIO driver;

2. Atom and beam2 do not support win7, win10 does not need a driver;

3. MAC computer needs the following settings: Settings-sound card-select beam2 or atom;

4. Unrecognized phenomenon on iOS devices: clear the background APP and restart the phone;

5. Only Android AUDIO PLAYER PRO can launch MQA on Android, the only one;

6. Apps that support MQA development on iOS: TIDAL, Xiami, Amarra Play;

7. Software that supports MQA deployment on the computer: ROON, Audirvara, TIDAL; Tidal config:Use exclusive mode, disable Passthrough MQA.

8. The white light on the atom and beam2 indicates that the computer or mobile phone does not recognize the atom or beam2 and needs to be re-plugged;

9. The sound is hollow when using a certain model of Apple headphones, why?
There are two types of interface definitions for Apple headsets. We only support one of them. Please change the headset. We support all current HiFi 3.5mm headphones.

10How to work well with roon? 

Download the Guide from here:

1、beam 2、atom Pro均系列采用WASAPI来支持,没有ASIO驱动;





6、iOS上支持MQA展开的APP:TIDAL、虾米、Amarra Play;






How to upgrade firmware of atom Pro and beam2 如何升級atom Pro beam2固件?

Please download the user's guide and lasted firmware from here:从下列地址下载固件

Please download the lastest version burn tool for Beam2 and atom Pro, When burn tool does not work on your PC,


or 或者


All products have the latest firmware before leaving the factory and no longer need to be upgraded. If there is a compulsory need to flash the firmware, please contact us by mail.




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