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Oct 22, 2021
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If you are involved with a case study on Amway, you need to talk about the SWOT analysis. Many business pursuing students need to deliver a fruitful case study but fail to meet deadlines and impress their instructors. Most students intend to hire Amway case study help online to get rid of the extra pressure of assignments and exam anxiety. You need to do an Amway case study help analysis to go deep inside the strength and weaknesses of this globally known brand. Here are ten useful pointers which will help you to understand this brand more intensely: Strength of Amway: Strong International Presence Undoubtedly, Amway has a robust global presence with over 3.5 million business chains, agents in over 82 countries. So, the international company is awe-inspiring and much higher than other brands. Amway is duly reliant on the global market, not only just a particular market. Read more about Samsung case study help Intentional fame, recognition, and awards As per reports, Amway was established in 1959 and has won numerous awards, including the Asia Pacific Frost, best health care brand by Economics Times, LEED gold accreditation, and others. So, it is a known brand to most consumers. A vast range of variations in Products Amway is one of the rare brands with over 120 products in five categories like home care, health care, wellness, cosmetics, personal care, and nutrition. If you need an accurate list of products and their details, you can check out their websites also. You can also consult Amway case study writing service for better solutions. Read more about Nike case study help. Amway product portfolio Amway has various brands under one name. Amway Nutrilite, Amway Attitude, Amway Dynamite, Amway Artistry, Amway Glister, Amway Satinique, Amway GH, and Amway SA8. Weaknesses Limited mode of availability Amway products are only available through business agents. Some products are available online and have to be communities to the direct sellers or online selling. As the competition is enormous outside, it reduces Amway’s market share. Falling sales: Amway’s sales have dropped in the previous two years. Amway reported a decline of 7 per cent in its sales in 2016. Expensive products are available. According to Amway motto, they produce affordable products, but in reality, Amway products are expensive for middle-class people. Their target market is limited to upper-class people. As a result, their sales have decreased over time. Moreover, the question of product availability is grave. Amway’s sales have dropped in the last some years. It was reported that a cut down of 7% in its sales in 2016. Opportunities While studying Amway SWOT Analysis, you will find lucrative opportunities. Read more about Honda Europe case study help online. Relying on other communication or business modes Amway should concentrate on their communication channels with distributors and explore concrete solutions such as digital marketing, social media marketing for worldwide advertising, Increasing Availability Amway should make its products widely available for users and seek new chains to expand its marketing sales. Business collaboration Business tie-ups are essentials for all brands. Amway should also consider partnering with salons, beauty professionals, and health professionals. Threats for Amway Cheap switching Cost Switching costs are minimal due to the availability of similar products on the market and the rise of E-commerce. Hence, brand loyalty is reduced.


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