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Jan 12, 2022
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In this article, I will show you how to login to your PayPal account. Logging into a PayPal account is an easy process that can be done as fast as possible. Paypal is the largest online payment platform in the world used by businesses and individual to conduct business and a personal transaction. PayPal is accepted globally and has made the business transaction online fast and easy with the secured and easily accessible platform. PayPal is trusted because of its upgraded security, strict policies against fraudulent activities and its acceptability globally. PayPal had close accounts on the slightest suspicion of fraudulent activities and had restricted its services on countries with high scale online fraudulent activities. To sign up for PayPal is very easy as you just have to visit the platform and register on the site. You will have to choose between a Business and Personal account and the choice is up to you. PayPal is available on mobile on Android, IOS, Windows and BlackBerry platforms and for any reason, you cannot download the application, you can always use your mobile browser to access the site. HOW TO LOGIN TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT When you have successfully registered on the PayPal platform and your account have been verified, your account is now ready for you to receive payment, make a payment, check balance, view transaction history and so on. Now to login to your PayPay account, you will have to follow the process below for a Business or Personal account: 1. Navigate your browser to 2. A form will appear at the centre of the page. 3. You should then fill in your User ID or email address at the space for “Username”. 4. Then put in your password at the next box. 5. Click on login and you can now access your PayPal account and start making transactions. You can also login to your PayPal account on any mobile device connected to the internet with mobile browser following the steps below: 1. Go to ““ on your mobile browser. 2. Click on login at the top right corner of the page. 3. You should enter your email address used for registration and your password. 4. Tap on login and start accessing your PayPal account. You can also download PayPal application on your mobile phone for android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry. With your PayPal account, you can conduct your business globally, buy goods from popular online stores like Amazon, Pay for services online, send and receive money from any location in the world. This is because it is available, easy to use and widely accepted all over the world. I forgot my paypal password. How do I reset it? Here’s how to get back into your PayPal account if you’ve lost your password: To reset your password, go to the password reset section. Click Next after entering your PayPal email address. -Select Forgot your email? if you’ve lost your email account.) Choose how you’d like to finish your security check and then click Next. You’ll be given a few options. To change your PayPal password, follow these steps: Tap Forgot your password Tap Next after entering the email address associated with your PayPal account. Click Forgot your email? if you’ve lost or can’t remember your email address.) Choose how you want to finish your security check and then tap Next. What can I do if I can’t Paypal log in? If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in, your web browser’s cache and cookies may need to be cleared. If you need assistance, go to your browser’s user guide or google “How do I clear the cache and cookies" in (Your internet browser name and version, for example, Internet Explorer 11) If you’re unable to log in because you’ve forgotten your PayPal account’s email address or password, follow these steps to regain access: Launch the app and tap the ‘Have you forgotten your password?’ button. Alternatively, use a web browser to access the password reset page. Input up to 3 e-mail addresses you’ve previously registered, and then tap Next to proceed. You’ll notified if the email address you supplied is correct. If you can remember your password, click on the Continue button to proceed with the log-in process.


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